Orange County Seniors and US Armed Service Veterans: Thank You!

US Army Captain Ellen C. Busch, Veteran of the First Gulf War

by: Jim Cenname, November 11, 2012, Veterans Day. Today is a special day for us. Many of our caregivers care for clients who are US Armed Services Veterans. What makes this day very special for me is that my wife and partner at Nightingale Senior Care is a Veteran of First Gulf War. Ellen served in the US Army as Captain and was stationed in Saudi Arabia in 1991 during the war. She’s told me many great stories about our country’s effort to restore peace to that region of the world.

Today Ellen and I will be attending the dedication of the Brea War Memorial. We are glad to live in a town that honors our Veterans. So that we may honor our Veteran-Clients Nightingale Senior Care will sponsor a paver on Brea’s Walk of Honor at the War Memorial. Follow the links for more information of these opportunities.

To Ellen and all US Armed Services Veterans; I thank you for your service!