Holidays together, Have Mom and Dad Changed?

November 21, 2012, Orange County, CA:  With Thanksgiving this week and the holidays shortly thereafter it is likely you will be spending more time than usual with your family. You will notice changes in your parents’ appearance and behavior, especially if you haven’t seen them in a while. I recall visiting my Mom in Pittsburgh, 2500 miles from my home in Orange County, California and being surprised how much she seemed to have aged in the 10 months since I previously saw her; greyer, frailer, more hesitant both physically and mentally. Besides a reminder to me that we are all getting older, it highlighted the additional consequences of old age.  My Mom wasn’t as good going up and down stairs, the kitchen wasn’t as neat as I remembered, and she seemed to be more anxious about trips outside the home. 

If your family is like mine, the siblings all recognize the change and begin to have concern about Mom (and Dad’s) safety and physical and mental health. There are four kids in my family (funny to think of us as kids since we are all 50-something now). With that concern as motivation we took action to assure our Mom remains safe. 

As you visit with your parents on Thanksgiving Day and you notice changes that concern you, take advantage of the convenience of all siblings being together to make some decisions, take some action. We at Nightingale Senior Care can offer advice and referrals to resources to help you. Call us anytime at 657-217-2273.

Lastly, enjoy the holiday together; spend more time talking with and loving your parents. Try not to correct them when they forget or mis-remember.  Let them enjoy the memories they have regardless of whether they are accurate or not. It surely makes the aging process more pleasant for you and for your parents.