Back from an Orange County visit with Mom, concerned…

The adult children, the 50-something year old kids have returned from holiday visits with Orange County Moms and Dads to realize Mom and Dad aren’t caring for themselves well. Ellen and I have received calls from friends and new acquaintances asking for help.The most common incident is a fall that caused an emergency room visit. Second is a medication error, Mom is taking too little to too much medication.

The days and weeks after a fall are confusing, even though Mom may be recovering from the injury, she is behaving differently. She isn’t as lucid as before. Children want to stay with Mom but work and their own family demand time too. We are helping, on a short term basis, by providing a caregiver to be with Mom in her home, to help her be safe, eat and get around the house, the neighborhood and the supermarket.

Because Mom hasn’t been taking her medication she may be suffering the effects of her untreated medical condition. We help her get back on track by assisting her through the day, preparing meals and doing light housekeeping, but most importantly reminding her to take her medication and to be safe.

Please read this article on fall prevention published but Orange County Office on Aging:

Fall Prevention:
Falls are the leading cause of injury death for adults……now what do you do to reduce your chance of a fall?
Fall Risk Reduction includes three components:
-Balance and Mobility
-Medical management
-Home modification
Among adults 65 years and older:
-1 in 3 fall each year
-1 in 2 have problems getting up without help after they have fallen
-1 in 10 suffer a serious fall injury such as a broken bone or head injury
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