Jim Cenname Leads Effort to Survey the Unmet Needs of Seniors

Excerpt from Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson’s September 20 newsletter:

The North Orange County Senior Collaborative (NOCSC) is a team of technicians, gerontologists, health, diet, legal and financial advocates and professional caregivers who meet monthly to address the needs of an aging Orange County. The team will be completing a survey of senior needs and concerns in North OC in October. The survey is the genius of Jim Cenname of Nightingale Senior Care and will soon be going out to 2500 seniors, Senior Centers and caregivers. The survey responses will define what programs and communications techniques can be done better or how technicians can better administer explanations and protections for the elderly through NOCSC.

If you have questions about NOCSC or the survey, please call Karyl Dupee at 714-446-7035 or Steve Spernak in the offices of Supervisor Shawn Nelson at 714-834-3542.Comm4

Supervisor Nelson Staffer Steve Spernak and Fullerton Library Director Chaunacey Dunklee

To take the survey please click here.