What is the “Caregiver Quality Assurance”

The Caregiver Quality Assurance program seal identifies Nightingale Senior Care as a company that goes above and beyond the norm when selecting quality caregivers. By using Caregiver Selection System, Nightingale Senior Care uses the latest technology to assure that the people caring for your loved one are trustworthy, dependable, and have the attitude and personality skills needed to provide top quality care. Nothing is more important than selecting the right people to care for your loved ones.

Today many other companies that provide caregivers do so with the bare minimum standards of screening and selection. Most other companies offer criminal background checks, certification checks and reference checks. Some companies also offer drug use screenings and/or an elder/child abuse check. Unfortunately, these minimum standards only screen out applicants who are “caught in the act” of doing wrong. Nightingale Senior Care is raising the bar on these standards.

Caregiver Quality Assurance

The Caregiver Quality Assurance program gives valuable insight into the personality and behaviors of potential caregivers before an incident can occur. The pre-­employment assessment tool examines attitudes, behaviors and personality to screen out applicants with the potential to put clients and their families at risk.

Dependability – Measures the risk that an individual will be undependable, careless, lazy or disorganized.

Honesty/Integrity -­ Measures the risk for dishonest behavior.

Hostility/Aggression -­ Measures the risk of a person being aggressive, hostile, disruptive or having poor control of their anger.

Substance Abuse -­ Measures the risk of substantial use of alcohol or illegal drugs.

Sexual Harassment -­ Measures behaviors regarding sexuality that are likely to be considered harassment.

Additionally, the Caregiver Personality and Behavior Assessment measures six core traits that are designed to match quality caregivers with appropriate clientele: Conscientiousness, Tough-­minded, Conventional, Extroversion, Stable and Teamwork.