Choices for Affordable In-Home Care in Orange County.

By Jim Cenname November 19, 2012.  Mom or Dad can no longer care for themselves but they want to remain in their own home. How do you help them get affordable care so they can remain there?  Will you bring a Caregiver into their home?  Will you send Mom or Dad to assisted living?

Below is a short list of topics and helpful links that can answer questions if you live in Orange County or Los Angeles County.  We are happy to personally help you but we recognize you may want to do some research before you contact us.

How much does home care and assisted living cost?

Metlife (the insurance company) did a cost survey in 2011.  It describes cost for a variety of care types. You will find a summary at the bottom of our Services web page or at MetLife’s website.  In this survey our cost would be in the “Home Care” column.

Who can help pay?

How about do-it-yourself?

Sometimes family members give their time to help Mom or Dad.  They become the caregiver.  This link shows a short video on how to be The family caregiver.  Use the coupon code: FAM%free for free access to this helpful video.  There are pros and cons to being a family caregiver.  We want to you make an informed decision.  Please read this article to understand.

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